Presentations and Trainings

Whether you need a keynote for your conference, a 90-minute presentation to a lay or professional audience, or a half or full-day training, Kathy Kater will provide an engaging, authoritative, lively presentation that your audience will not forget.  Challenging weight stigma and the “right size/wrong size” paradigm, Kater truly motivates people of all sizes and shapes to embrace who they are, and to eat well and stay active for happiness, vitality, health, self confidence, and overall well-being.

Helping educators, health promotion authorities and treatment providers, as well as parents help themselves and teach the next generation what they need to know to maintain their bodies integrity as they grow up.   Contact Kathy Kater

Professionals comment on Kathy Kater's skill as a presenter:

“Kathy Kater should be introduced to children and their parents everywhere. Our school had the good fortune to implement Ms. Kater’s curriculum, as well as having her speak to our teachers and Family Education participants.  She is a great speaker, with an important message that is relevant to everyone.  She did such a good job, that the line of parents and students waiting their turn to speak to her after the program was very long.   The comments I heard later were that Ms. Kater was just as excellent one-on-one as she was in making her presentation.  Do your children, your teachers and yourself a favor and take advantage of all she has to offer.” –Ken Scarbrough, Superintendent
Staples Motley School District, Minnesota

"I chaired the committee for the all-day training Kathy Kater presented for Minnesota Women in Psychology.  From our first phone conversation, Kathy was a delight.  She had a wealth of information and was a fantastic speaker.  Her speaking style, insights, humor, candid responses, and respect for the work that we do created a great learning environment. This workshop had a major impact on all who were there.  The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants let us know that Kathy's presentation will affect our relationships with our clients in a very beneficial way." –Linda Rodgers, L.P., Educational Chairwoman, MN Women's Psychologists   

“The first time I saw Kathy Kater present, she held spellbound an audience of "regular folks" at a health club. Her straightforward, firm, gentle and often humorous approach disarmed and visibly affected the audience. When I first saw her present to a national gathering of eating disorders specialists and professionals, I wondered if she'd be as effective with such a well-informed audience. She was just as good -- or better!  Kathy has an amazing capacity to help people understand important gaps in their knowledge and perspective, while also providing the key and logical information in the most easy-to-understand fashion.” –Joe Kelly - Executive Director, Dads and Daughters 

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathy Kater several times as President of the Minnesota Dietetic Association. These professional dieticians are very vocal with their opinions, and we always have many requests to have Kathy return as a speaker.  She has excellent rapport with her audience and everyone appreciates her engaging style.   She is clearly credible, and her passion provides inspiration."   –Janelle Waslaski, RD, LD, CDE, President- Minnesota Dietetic Association, 

"Kathy Kater presented at our national conference and received overwhelmingly positive evaluations.  She truly enriched our program with her content and her dynamic style.  Kathy's presentation was authoritative, and combined practical as well as theoretical material which clinicians really seek.   I hope to have Kathy return to our conference."          –Judi Goldstein - Renfrew Center Director of Professional Relations and Education (Philadelphia)

“Kathy is a very knowledgeable, energetic and articulate speaker.  She brings to the audience her expertise both as a mother and a seasoned professional which gives her credibility.  Her presentations offer many varied learning experiences, which allows the audience to engage and enjoy themselves.   Promoting a healthy body image and weight in our culture is essential and Kathy is an awesome person to convey this message." –Karen Chilson, RD, Educational Consultant – Wisconsin CESA #11

“Excellent speaker!  Extremely knowledgeable.  Kathy Kater uses wonderful methods that get her message across in ways that I can take right back to the classroom for students.”   –Participant, Harvard National Conference for Educators on Eating Disorders

“I really didn’t want to attend this (mandatory) in-service.  I thought it would be a waste of time.  But I was wrong.  I’m very glad I came.  In fact, I gained a whole new way of thinking about these issues.   –Middle and Upper School Science Teacher, Mounds Park Academy, St. Paul, MN

Parent participants said:

“This was the most refreshing presentation I’ve ever heard about weight and body image.  Everything she said made so much sense.  For the first time I understand that it makes sense to have a goal of being healthy, no matter what size I am.”

“This was a straight shooting presentation with very helpful information.   I will use this information with my daughters so that she doesn’t have to struggle with her weight all her life the way that I have.  Thanks!”

“Great speaker.  Positive messages.  Wonderful problem solving ability.   I loved the examples of exercises teachers do with kids in the classroom.”

“I liked everything about this program.  Very informative.  The presenter was very comfortable.”

“Excellent reinforcement I will use with my own children as well as with patients.”  (Parent / M.D.)