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Information about the Healthy Bodies curriculum

  • Read about the newly revised Healthy Bodies; Teaching Kids What They Need to Know curriculum—A comprehensive lesson plan to address body image, eating, fitness and weight concerns in today’s challenging environment.  Scripted for upper elementary school children, these eleven engaging lessons and the model upon which they are based are adaptable for any age or venue. [Links to Healthy Bodies curriculum button]
  • Look over the Table of Contents with a full summary for each lessons.
  • View the Healthy Bodies Mission Statement.
  • Read the entire Preface for a complete introduction, including a complete background explaining the need for, model and methods underlying this curriculum. 
  • Review the conceptual  Model for Healthy Body Image and Weight upon which the lessons are based. 
  • See the Healthy Body Building Blocks--the conceptual model in child-friendly language.
  • Read a sample lesson teaching kids why dieting is not an effective weight loss method, and can lead to poor and disordered eating as well as long term weight gain.
  • Outcome studies: Read the published results of 3 pilot studies in classroom settings. 
  • Review a short list of References documenting the core principles used in the Healthy Bodies curriculum.
  • Print and post:  What is a Healthy Weight?

Order the Healthy Bodies curriculum

 “As a therapist treating eating and body image problems I have spent over 50 thousand hours working to correct the mindset and problems that ensue when what you weigh becomes more important than your health or who you are. On a daily basis I am on the quest for material that will help young people avoid the problems I treat in the first place. I hit the jackpot with Kathy Kater's Healthy Bodies curriculum. This lesson plan is so comprehensive, so important, informative and easy to adapt, it can be used for all ages and all settings. Ms Kater's book will assist anyone wishing to help young and old live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It should be required reading in every school and is a must for anyone in the field of disordered eating, weight control and body image.” —Carolyn Costin, MA, LMFT, Executive Director, Monte Nido Treatment Center, Author: Your Dieting Daughter

Additional Resources

  • Invite the author to provide training or speak at your school, clinic, organization, business wellness function or community-wide event.

“As an educator who has taught thousands of university undergraduate students the basics of personal health, fitness, and nutrition, I find the Healthy Bodies curriculum to be comprehensive and compelling. The perspectives and information provided offer a holistic, person-centered approach to helping young people understand the complexities that characterize body size, shape, and image. Moreover, the lessons for the students themselves are practical, enjoyable and effective. Professionally, I would recommend this text to anybody who faces the challenge of how to appropriately develop positive body understanding and acceptance for people in any age range. Future generations will be better prepared to face a looksist and ableist society with these lessons.” —Tucker Readdy, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Exercise & Sport Psychology, University of Wyoming