Presenting the Healthy Body Building Blocks POSTERS! 
Teaching Kids to CARE FOR and TAKE CARE OF Their Bodies.

Print these FREE, brightly colored posters and post wherever you want to challenge the toxic myths promoting weight bias and stigma.

Useful as conversation starters to root out harmful assumptions and to promote health-enhancing behaviors instead of size in children and teens.

Posters encourage kids to:

  • Accept their naturally diverse bodies.  
  • Understand the dangers of dieting
  • Eat well and stay fit because they care about themselves,
    not for “size control”
  • Focus on inner qualities rather than appearance.

Posters challenge

  • Internalized weight stigma and body dissatisfaction
  • The diet mentality
  • Poor and disordered eating and fitness habits
  • The physical, mental, and emotional problems these create. 

The 12 Healthy Body Building Blocks are based on the holistic Model for Healthy Body Image and Weight.  Posters may be displayed all together, to represent this model, or individually.  However, please keep in mind that, to avoid a skewed perspective, children should learn ALL of the lessons taught by all 12 Building Blocks.

View the posters below, and then click on the button to download a multi-page PDF file containing all 12 posters. Print one or all to letter, tabloid, or larger sizes.